• “I have a vision for all men to thrive in a positive way – my coaching helps you get there”

  • I was married for almost 20-years, with 3-beautiful children (currently 15, 12 and 9 years old).


    During the last 5-7 years, I noticed things not going too well in the marriage and career, but I couldn’t pin-point exactly what that was.



    I was working hard in a public service job where I was very dedicated to helping people and the environment; going over and above the course of duty and working additional hours.



    I exercised hard and ‘played’ hard, over-indulging in food, and alcohol. I gave myself no time-out and ran myself into the ground, every day. I would go to bed either physically and/or mentally exhausted each night, with a deep sigh, and then get up to an alarm and do it all over again - going to the gym with a hang-over and soldiering on with the assumption that was what I ‘should be doing’.



    I was also volunteering my time in other leadership positions (not-for-profit Boards, School Council, etc..); and, devoting any spare time I had to my wife and children, looking out for them as a priority.


    Almost 2-years ago I discovered some things that led to intense pain, trauma, anger, resentment, frustration, concern, anxiety, depression, and a range of other mixed emotions.


    I tried for the coming months to repair our marriage, seeking out counselling. I continued to work the long hours.


    After about 5-months I was admitted to hospital with an unknown infection. I went to 4-different hospitals in 18-days and ultimately required surgery.


    Although I did not realize it at the time, I now genuinely believe the infection was caused by my lifestyle choices compounded by the intense grief and trauma I was experiencing at the time.


    After being released from hospital, I took time off work to recover from surgery. This gave me lots of time to think.


    I still wanted to make things work and repair our family unit and marriage.


    It became increasingly clear that this would not be possible – shortly after we separated, I spent the next 12-months discovering myself, determining what it was that I was seeking.



    I let go of many things. I stopped volunteering outside of work, I started yoga and meditation, I let intense exercise take a back seat and focus on my inner self.



    I am now out the other side of this traumatic time and feel that I have worked through it well.

    I feel passionate about giving back to other men who are working in similar situations.


    I have a vision for all men to thrive in a positive way; and, my coaching can support you too to get there.

  • For recently separated men who are ready to create a positive future full of energy and abundance.

    • No-obligation 15-minute call to listen to your current situation and determine if I can help.

    • Complimentary no-obligation 60-minute strategy session to assist you to get in touch with where you want to get to; and, how I can support you in recovering from separation.

    • 12-week program of weekly 1-hr Zoom meetings.

    • 24hr Q&A response from Ty through email and/or FB Messenger

    • Actions and support to keep you personally accountable for your growth.

  • Testimonials

    Finding the right coach and allowing them into your life is a hard step. The key is to find an individual that is truly invested, listens, understands and is able to guide you so that you can identify and achieve your goals. Ty has that ability and is the best decision I have ever made.

    My work with Ty has allowed me to grow past my deepest desires. I was looking for ways in which I could find my purpose, and identify areas in which I could grow as an individual, as a man. Ty helped and guided me through this incredible journey with courage, honesty and kindness. I’ll forever be thankful to him for all the work we accomplished together.


    - Roberto M.




    Ty’s approach to coaching brought the best out of me. He was personable, patient and always seemed to ask the right questions to enable me to come up with the solution for myself. This was really empowering as the solution is generally within us all, but it takes an effective coach to bring it out.


    - Chris D.



    Ty coached me routinely for 7-years in a professional leadership setting. He was calm, clear, encouraging and enabled me to see things in my own leadership and management approaches that I couldn’t see myself – there is incredible power in a coach providing insight – Ty was able to create this insight seamlessly through our regular conversations. Ty actively listens and asks thoughtful questions which challenge and promote positive self-reflection. Through Ty’s coaching I was able to move out of my comfort zone, develop greater self-awareness in my professional and personal life and improve my leadership capability. Ty has had a lasting, positive impact. Many thanks.


    -Ross G.



    Ty was my leader, manager and coach for a number of years. Rather than providing me with advice and information, Ty would ask enquiring questions to bring the best out of me. This sometimes took more time to move forward on a particular matter, but I learnt so much more as a result and transformed in my approach to leadership. I am forever grateful for Ty’s leadership and approach to coaching as I am now a better coach as a result.


    -Bart S.



    Ty has coached me for a number of years now. His approach to coaching really assisted me to find my own solutions to problems I did not think possible. He challenged me to find the solution/s and ultimately I benefited from this, in many ways. Not only did I solve the problem at hand, but I was also more capable when the next issue arose. I highly recommend Ty for leadership and management coaching. Ty was also able to assist me in improving my self-awareness, being conscious of how I interact with individuals and teams and the appreciation of other peoples values. These are critical elements in building strong, positive and enduring relationships


    -Craig H.